Canberra Dawn

The sun starting to rise.


Waiting for the sun to come up behind me.


Under the highway.

Floating in the garden


Enlighten Fountain

Under the bridge

Burnung Horizon


North West Canberra

Canberra Sunset

Looking for a way down


Enlighten Festival in Canberra

First light

First light over Lake Burley Girffin

Murrumbidgee River

Sunset at Shepard's Lookout over the Murrumbidgee River

Canberra Sunset

Autumn sunset in Canberra

Autumn Sunset

Sunset over the Murrumbidgee River in Canberra.

Alen and Dave

Knights of the Spatchcocks playing at The Basement in Canberra

Australia Day Storm

A thunderstorm rolls into North Canberra on Australia Day 2013.